There are several things that I know give me indigestion. Canned tomato products will usually bother me if eat them too often, as will overly spicy food. Cheap coffee always sets my stomach up for discomfort, but since I rarely drink coffee anyway, I don’t worry about that one too much. You know, the bleach white, dirt cheap eggs you buy at the store? Yeah, those. They always give me indigestion. Brown eggs (I buy cage free) not only taste and look better (yellow, thick yolks), but they also don’t bother me. Something else I’ve noticed about the cheap white eggs I buy when I’m in a pinch is that they have a strong, sulfurous smell that I don’t notice with brown eggs. I have yet to understand what’s behind that, but I imagine it has something to do with the inferior quality of the chickens’ lives and then subsequently the eggs they produce. Yet another reason to avoid industrialized food.



What do you think?

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