Potential & Existing Life

Came across this post and found it very touching. The on-going debate about abortion is a very heated, harsh thing. A few years ago I thought that there could never be a reason to justify an abortion, but now my opinion has changed. Before I only knew one side of the argument, and what was said was often slanted, hateful, and totally untrue. The majority of women and doctors who are involved in abortions are extremely sad about what is happening. They aren’t chuckling gleefully or anything horrible like that. A fetus is a potential life, in my opinion, and is therefore not as valuable as an existing life. Don’t misunderstand me – potential lives are incredibly valuable! But the mother comes before the fetus. If carrying a fetus to full term and delivering it is going to negatively impact the mother physically, emotionally, whatever, then it is her right to take care of herself by ending the pregnancy. A mother who’s life is in danger because of a pregnancy, or who is carrying a fetus that is not viable (as in the article), the mother MUST take care of herself first. A child born through rape may or may not bring great hurt to it’s mother, but if it will bring hurt, then for both mother and child’s sake it is better they not face that. If an unplanned pregnancy is also an unwanted pregnancy – for maturity, financial, emotional, social reason etc. – then the same applies. How unhappy is the life of an unwanted child, and how frustrating to be the mother who has a child she did not want and perhaps cannot care for properly. Pregnancy and motherhood are beautiful things… when there is love involved. Without love, they are ugly, hurtful, and ultimately not in humanity’s best interest.


What do you think?

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