Traditional Foods & Me: A Brief Look

When I learned that I had fibromyalgia, I began looking for something to fix it. I tried pain medicines, an anti-depressant, and several different diet changes. While researching diet, I stumbled on something that would change my life forever: traditional foods.

I had a friend at one point who was a big fan of vegan diets. She strongly encouraged me to pursue something along the lines of The Hallelujah Diet (raw vegan). I did some research on it and came to the conclusion that it just didn’t sound right. I continued researching vegan and vegetarian diets, cut out red meat almost entirely, and cut back on how much meat I was eating. I didn’t feel better, though; I actually felt weaker and more achy. So I did some more research. I stumbled upon a wealth of research that flew in the face of the vegan/vegetarian approach, and guess what? It made sense. Not only was the science there, so was the history. I read all about traditional foods, what our ancestors have been eating for thousands of years, and decided to give it a try. As soon as I added red meat back into my diet I noticed a big improvement in how I felt. I still felt like crap, but the addition of red meat made a noticeable difference. I was already on a gluten free diet by now (my body stopped tolerating gluten shortly after I developed fibro.), but I did my best to cut back even further on carbs. as well as sugar. I did my best to eat more fish, veggies, fruit, and unprocessed foods. It was working. Then I had a major life change, was unable to maintain the diet I needed, and my bad days returned. Now that I’ve been able to re-implement my diet, I feel better. My weight is normalizing, I’m able to do more, and that hollow ache is mostly gone.

What is my diet? I eat high fat, high protein, low carb, low sugar. I eat and drink full fat dairy (milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, cheese, butter), lots of eggs, lots of red meat, as much fish as I can afford, and very few grain-related carbs. I also eat fruits and veggies, with plenty of butter when cooked. 🙂 I avoid sugar and use honey instead.

If you’re interested in learning more about this diet and what’s behind it, I suggest you check these out:

Nourished Kitchen

Real Food

Weston A. Price Foundation

Nourishing Traditions

Traditional Food is Your Best Medicine

Healing Rebel

There are lots of other great resources, blogs, and studies out there – keep researching yourself.


What do you think?

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