Femininely Fit

Like many Americans, I’ve tried a multitude of exercise regimens. I start each time with great ambition and good intentions, but usually can’t maintain what I start. I’ve tried aerobics, going to a gym, a yoga DVD, and then a few months ago I got a belly dancing DVD. To date, that has been the most fun I’ve ever had exercising. I did it regularly for a few weeks, then my life got really busy and stuff and I stopped. I’ve started doing it again and, once again, hope to be able to maintain what I’ve started. The warm up and cool down sections are excellent for my back (which gives me a lot of problems), so even if I don’t get to the actual belly dancing, I can at least do that much.

Belly dancing is incredibly feminine feeling – downright sexy! But at the same time, it’s not overtly sexual. It’s a beautiful dance that celebrates the beauty of the feminine form. It combines graceful, flowing movements with difficult muscle control and being in shape. As a woman, I appreciate an exercise that specifically addresses my body. Another thing I appreciate is that belly dance isn’t an exercise that’s all about women getting skinny and losing as much fat as possible. I think that is very praiseworthy! Being healthy should always be the primary goal, and healthy does not mean skinny, tiny, etc. (there are those individuals who are that way naturally, I’m not referring to them).

So, belly dancing – go try it! It’s really fun and a great way to get in shape!!!


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