“How are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m really tired.”

Went to bed early last night. I woke up at least 4 times during the night, but I think I got about 9 hours of sleep. My emotions feel more rested, but my body and brain are still telling me I need more sleep. The never-ending need for more sleep is a curse well-known to those who have fibromyalgia. I’ve tried several things, but nothing has really helped me sleep better. If I take melatonin I sleep better the first few nights but then I start having vivid dreams that wake me up. I’ve tried hot baths, relaxing music, etc. but nothing seems to do it for me. Like many people with sleep issues, I’ve gotten used to functioning in a state of sleep deprivation. Well, when I say that, I mean deprivation from the deepest level of sleep. I may get in several hours of sleep, but without getting the deep, restorative sleep I need it’s like I didn’t really sleep at all. Naps can be really helpful to me, so I try to get one in every day.

A Feminism Laugh

This article is good for a laugh. The things said by the original lady for FOX News are downright hideous. As a young IFB woman, I once believed a lot of that crap. I’m SOOO glad I’m over that now.



Abortion BabyGeorge Tiller–physician, abortion provider, Lutheran, husband, father, grandfather–was shot and killed yesterday in the lobby of his church.  He was killed after years of harassment and threats, bombing of his clinic, even being shot in both arms.  And yet he continued doing what he did because he believed it was right.

They say that the walls of Dr. Tiller’s clinic are lined with letters from grateful families.  I can understand that gratitude.  Whenever tirades against abortion catch my attention, I look at our elder daughter with wonder and gratitude.  Without abortion she wouldn’t exist, and if I knew where to find the warm Canadian-trained Singaporean physician who gave us the gift of Brynn, I would send her one of those letters, too.

Abortion Baby - DrTillerFive years into our marriage, my husband and I kept a promise we had made to ourselves during our first months together.  He quit his job and I…

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The Difference Between a Dying Fetus and a Dying Woman


A young Indian man in Ireland went public about the death of his wife, Savita Halappanavar, and week later her name, picture and tragic story were known by millions. Now the husband, Praveen, has launched a fight to ensure that no woman ever again is refused a lifesaving abortion. Her parents have requested that the Indian government bring diplomatic pressure to bear. Their goal is to clarify and, if need be, to amend Irish abortion law: “We lost our only daughter due to this illogical law…. If that law is changed, we will think that our daughter was sacrificed for a good cause.” “Maybe Savita was born to change the laws here,” says Praveen. It is, perhaps, the only sense he can see in her otherwise senseless death.

Savita was 31 when she died after being denied an abortion during a second trimester miscarriage. As a dentist, she not only…

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A Good Soak for the Soul

Candle-lit room. Patchouli incense burning. Relaxing music playing from my iPod. Steaming hot tub of water. Ah….

Taking a bath like that is too nice to put into words. After I put the two year old to bed I ran myself a bath just like I described. As I lay soaking, my thoughts drifted to realms of relaxation and happiness that were nothing short of healing. I don’t pamper myself like that very often, thanks to life being busy and baths taking a long time and all that… but tonight I was reminded of how good it is to take care of myself.

Taking care of myself is a concept I’m mulling over a lot these days. When I let myself go, I get frazzled, exhausted, sick, grumpy, etc. Basically, I am not at my best, which means I’m not at best for the people around me. Stopping to take a bath, stretch, focus on what I’m eating, or going and taking a nap requires me to give myself time rather than stay perpetually focused on others. That isn’t easy, but I’m learning. Constantly affirming to myself that I have worth, I deserve happiness, and that I am a beautiful soul has been very nourishing to me, spiritually. I think those schools of thought/religions that consider each human to be a god or goddess has the right idea.  To view each person as containing a bit of the divine within himself/herself is a beautiful way of thinking and very healthy, too, in my opinion.

Laying in my tub tonight, I felt quite goddess like; the feeling was one of utter content. Who knew taking a bath could be so spiritual?


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