Weight Gain… Big Deal?

This is really sad. Kind of weird how I came across it, but here it is:

“Milla Jovovich Weight Gain”


Milla Jovovich has always been super thin. Practically anorexic looking, actually. To see this picture of her with the caption of “Weight Gain” just makes me sick. The scrutiny that female celebrities undergo is terrible. The rest of us women are still caught up in it, stuck with the mindset of “thin is better.” If you didn’t already read it, please read what Ashley Judd said about the scrutiny she was put through and how awful it is for women everywhere.

Everyone is beautiful. Why must we all get hung up on our own weight and the weight of others? There are extreme weights (extremely overweight and extremely underweight) that can be dangerous to people’s health, but for those who are more in the middle, it’s not a life-altering thing… or shouldn’t be. Society’s fixation on fat and thin is both awful and unhealthy. If we must focus on something, it should be the personal health of each individual. Each body’s needs are different. Some people will be thinner than others and some people will be larger than others, just like those who are short or tall. Forcing one shape or another onto the whole of society is wrong.

I’ve been called fat and was even told by one man that I needed to lose 40 pounds to be beautiful. I struggled with a pudgy weight problem from puberty through my first two years of college, before having an insulin resistance and hormone problem that was addressed. Then I was very sick with GI issues and depression from my fibro. I dropped weight and reveled in just how thin I was. For a brief time I even thought I didn’t deserve to eat, tried to see how long I could go without eating, and found that I got a high feeling the longer I went. Thankfully I snapped out of that before it was dangerous and began creating a healthy attitude towards food, weight, and life. Since then my weight has yo-yoed a lot. A few more life crisis, some depression, and a bout of steroids that caused me to gain about twenty pounds have all affected my weight. The part of me that has been enlightened (for lack of a better word) is content with how I eat and how my body looks. The other part of me that has had weight shame drilled into me by society is constantly critiquing how I look, how my clothes fit me, and wondering how other people view my body. My partner is happy with how I look and loves my body because it’s mine. The two year old doesn’t care how I look, so long as my lap is always ready to be sat on and my arms will provide him with love and comfort. So for the time being I’ll keep making sure I eat well and do what I can to exercise my body – not to be thin but to be healthy. Or at least that’s what my goal should be, anyway.

May you always know love and support.

May your body be blessed with health and your heart full of happiness.

May your holidays be full of merriment and good food. 😉



What do you think?

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