Winter Solstice spiralFor a variety of reasons, the birth story of Jesus may not be something that you personally embrace or want to celebrate with friends and family.

Fortunately, the need to celebrate life and light at the darkest time of the year is something that long predates Christianity, and many of the yummy and playful customs of the season are rooted in cultures that have merged and morphed and been shared freely for millennia. Here are twelve traditions with ancient roots. If they have been adopted and adapted by those who choose this time of year to celebrate the birth of Christianity and so the birth of some of Christendom’s darker angels, don’t let that put you off. They can just as easily be adopted and adapted by those who have moved beyond belief.

  1. Celebrating the End of December.
    Winter solstice sunAll across the Northern Hemisphere our ancestors marked the winter solstice with festivals that acknowledge the…

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