Medicine Update

It’s been 9 days since I posted that I was going off of my medicine, Metaxalone. I did take it once, at night, after 2 days of being off of it. Since then, however, I have taken only tylenol when my pain levels spiked. Things have gone much more smoothly than I expected. I’m not sure if it’s just taking my body awhile to work out the accumulation of medicine, or if I have done some healing since I last was without Metaxalone. I sincerely hope it’s the latter.

Since I went off the Metaxalone, I have had some issues, but I’m not sure if they are related in any way to the med. I’ve had dizziness, nausea, and a buildup of gas that has made me need to burp a lot (really bizarre). Otherwise, I’ve felt more alive and clear-headed! I hope that I can continue to function without needing anything that makes me drowsy.


What do you think?

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