In or Out?

Aha! I remembered what I wanted to write about.

My dad offered me some cash so that I could take the two year old and get some breakfast on the road so I wouldn’t have to go home and cook. I didn’t want to get breakfast on the road. I wanted to go home and eat. That’s kind of a big deal. Growing up, it was a special treat to go out and eat, so for most of my life I’ve seen eating out as something special. Now, I’ve apparently reached a point where I’m not sure what to think about eating out.

Eating out at the average restaurant no longer excites me. Instead, I feel guilty about it.  Eating out means paying for crappy food that will most likely upset my body and have a negative impact on my health and the health of those I love (Honey and the two year old). Every bite I take, my mind is thinking about all the chemicals and other ingredients in that food that I don’t want to be eating. Even though fast food can taste really really good, to me it’s no longer worth it. I’d rather go home and put the love and effort into a home-cooked meal. I know I’ll feel much better for making that choice, and that is a great motivator.

I plan to continue home-cooking this year and can’t wait to see how it impacts our health.


What do you think?

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