Nutrition, Real Food, and Planning for Health

Health and food are really important to me. I tend to view health as a very, very complicated math problem, with variables like genetics, nutrients you get from food, your environment, etc. Studying up on what the body needs to work properly is a hobby of mine, but my favorite part is discovering what foods best provide those nutrients and then trying to implement them into my diet. I went through one of my favorite cookbooks recently, Nourishing Traditions, and wrote down recipes that sounded good and not too difficult or expensive. There are so many good things in that cookbook!

On Wednesday, Honey and I sat down and planned out the dinner meals for the next three weeks, pulling from Nourishing Traditions as well as some personal recipes. I’m pretty excited about the coming meals! Last night we had curry chicken made from the chicken I used to make stock. Today we’re making a winter root soup, which will use some of that stock I made. The soup has a rutabaga in it! I’ve never used/eaten a rutabaga before. When I picked one out at the store I was shocked to see how big they were! Our fridge is full of produce and good dairy; the freezer is full of high quality meats and leftover soup and some stock; the cupboard is full of good stuff too! Such a satisfying feeling to be well-stocked with good, nutritious food.

My attempts at constantly meal planning have not lasted long in the past, but it certainly is helpful when it does happen. It’s probably the best way to make sure that we’re eating balanced, healthy meals continuously, as well as to make sure our food money goes where it should. Meal planning also helps me work through the math problem in my head for health.

What do you think?

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