Tips for Understanding People with Chronic Pain

Excellent advice. Those of us with chronic pain need understanding and love!


Irish Stew

Irish Stew.

This looks super yummy!!!


Understanding Toxins: A Work in Progress

The topic of toxins and detoxifying recently came up in a discussion Honey and I were having. He was saying he didn’t like the nebulous way “toxin” gets used in many alternative health writing, and wanted to know more of the science and technical stuff behind the concept. I did my best to explain what I knew, but I wasn’t much help. I’ve read lots of books and done lots of research online, as well as discussed these things with massage therapists and at least one herbalist. I’ve done a few detoxifying things myself and greatly benefited from them. I know lots of information and personally understand things, and that is sufficient for me. I would love to understand the nuts and bolts aspect of things more clearly, but it doesn’t bug me nearly as much as it bugs Honey. He’s a skeptic by nature, was in a nursing program, has worked as a CNA, and has a great understanding of the human body, etc. so he wants lots and lots of information (in addition to common sense/traditional wisdom). Anyone have any recommendations for a very scientific breakdown of toxins, how the body handles them, why they are bad/how they damage the body, and how to get rid of them? More

Life is what happens

Life is what happens.

via Life is what happens.

I Will Prevail

This past week was an interesting mix of pain, research, and productivity. I felt pretty crummy for most of the week, perhaps due to a weather system passing through. I got a few things done during the beginning of the week, like baking up two loaves of gluten free bread, but I spent most of my time on the couch. Researched a lot about sourdough bread-making. I also did some reading in one of my favorite cookbooks, Nourishing Traditions. By the end of the week I was feeling better and was able to make a loaf of GF sourdough bread that didn’t taste very sour, but was still very yummy.

Today I was superwoman! More

Fighting Fibromyalgia

It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness. –Chinese proverb

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The Burqa Experience

This woman is brave enough to “[explore] American fear of the veiled.” It’s a very exciting project, I think!


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