Who do you trust? Nature or Chemicals?

I had a thought this morning. The push for low-fat diets and foods is both harmful and unnatural. Why, then, would people be pushing for low-fat (the science isn’t actually there)? That’s when it hit me. It isn’t in the best interest of the food industry (or pharmaceutical for that matter) to promote foods in their natural state. If it was promoted that foods were best in their natural state, we’d be able to get most things from farmers or even grow/raise our own. But if low-fat is the “healthy” way to eat, we are stuck going to the store to buy products that have been tampered with, things that we can only get from the food industry. Also, it’s probably more expensive for companies to use foods in their whole, natural state than it is for them to be able to fill in the gaps with chemicals and other cheap fillers, allowing the real stuff to be spread further. That last bit is purely speculation on my part, but it makes sense.

What do you think?

The low-fat lie is ingrained into so many of us. I never questioned it until I got sick and did my own research. Then, everything made sense. Why are we, the people of modern times, suddenly so enlightened that what we can create in a lab is deemed superior to what the Earth has been making for untold years? Why must nature be tampered with and torn down? Since when have chemicals been the best friend of healthy humans (or healthy anything/anyone)? How arrogant of us to think we know better than Mother Nature! Another benefit of choosing natural foods rather than industrialized, processed foods, is a decrease in the chemical output we are creating. The environment would be so much better off! And when the world is happier, we’re all healthier and happier. It’s really not that complicated. :-/


What do you think?

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