I Will Prevail

This past week was an interesting mix of pain, research, and productivity. I felt pretty crummy for most of the week, perhaps due to a weather system passing through. I got a few things done during the beginning of the week, like baking up two loaves of gluten free bread, but I spent most of my time on the couch. Researched a lot about sourdough bread-making. I also did some reading in one of my favorite cookbooks, Nourishing Traditions. By the end of the week I was feeling better and was able to make a loaf of GF sourdough bread that didn’t taste very sour, but was still very yummy.

Today I was superwoman! I got the quinoa soaking for dinner, tomorrow morning’s oatmeal soaking, and rice soaking for rice pudding. I cleaned out the fridge of UFO’s and did some organizing. I put together homemade turkey stock (it’s on the stove still cooking, smells amazing!) from the carcass of the turkey we cooked earlier this week plus some veggies. I unloaded the dishwasher, reloaded it and ran it, and then organized the remaining dirty dishes for Honey to take care of later (which he did! Yay clean dishes!). Then, I took a nap. 🙂

Fibromyalgia really sucks, and it’s days like today that remind me of just how much I’m able to accomplish when the fibro. isn’t holding me back. To a normal person, the stuff I accomplished today may sound a bit meh, but to me, it’s super. Today has left me with a huge sense of accomplishment – so encouraging! I recently purchased a bottle of Vitamin D3 drops online, so I’m hoping that taking it daily will give me a boost. Most people with fibro. are vitamin D deficient, plus it’s winter and I don’t get enough sunshine, so it stands to reason that adding more vitamin D will be beneficial. Cross your fingers! I’ll keep you posted.


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