New Things to Learn (Yay!) & Some Thoughts

I’m very excited about a new course of study I’ve begun. It’s teaching the importance of diet in conceiving, pregnancy, lactation, and in creating healthy future generations. I don’t plan on conceiving just yet, but I know I want to do it in the nearish future, and by planning ahead and doing things correctly now, I will be giving my baby a better start in life (and my subsequent grandchildren). Here is the course and the book that is written by the same author.
I’ve done plenty of reading about traditional foods and how they affect fertility and genetics, but this course has much to offer that is both new to me and very important. The first lesson got me thinking about all the various factors throughout history that have affected a mother’s ability to carry and produce healthy children. The availability of nutrient-dense food is a huge factor, but there are also things like religious views towards family planning/spacing children apart, outside attacks due to war or raiding, quality of the water, and exposure to deadly illnesses. Given all the hardships and sorrows humanity has faced over the years, it’s a wonder we’re still alive.
The best I can tell, the healthiest cultures would have been/are those who promote peace, practice sustainable farming methods and responsible animal husbandry, and who place a high value on foods rich in nutrients. Families would be an appropriate size (which may vary by couple or culture), children would be spaced out so that Mom has a chance to rebuild her body, and each child would be wanted and well-cared for by both parents. Such a culture promotes a lifestyle of happiness, contentment, and true health. Sadly, America is not that culture. But we can become that culture, if we make these important things more of a priority than convenience, self-gratification, and competitive living (make the most money, look the best, have the nicest lawn, etc.).

What do you think?

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