Nose Ring!

Wednesday I have an appointment to have my nose pierced. I’m super excited! I’ve been wanting to have this done for quite awhile now, but money or my squeamishness has prevented it from happening until now. Perhaps I should rename my blog “Musings of a Funky Hippie-Wanna-Be.” 🙂

We bought some incense Saturday at a coop, and have all been very pleased with its aroma. Incense can be risky, especially for people with allergies and asthma, but this stuff seems high quality enough that it is uplifting rather than stuffy/too strong. It has mad the apartment smell so nice, even when it’s not burning. The smell reminds me of a Whole Foods or coop – natural, earthy, clean.

Speaking of coops, we went to a new one this morning. It was nice and had several things that our local Whole Foods doesn’t offer, so we joined it. Yay! It’s exciting to be part of something like that, something that is part of the community and supports local food and health. Some people oppose the concept of “it takes a village,” but I find a world of truth in it. American society has moved so far away from working together as a local community. We all focus on our own lives, our own families, and live very independent from the people around us. We go to Wal Mart and buy what we need, without any thought about who made the items or where they came from. Buying local is different. You can know you support people living nearby. You are helping to build your local community rather than a giant corporation, where so much of the profit seems to go to the higher ups rather than to the workers.


What do you think?

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