Can’t Sleep, So I Blog… About Birth Control

I should really be in bed. Instead, I’m sitting here sipping the remnants of a smoothie, jamming to my strong emotions playlist (Nightwish, Evanescence, Within Temptation, etc.), and blogging. Daylight savings hasn’t really effected me, since we don’t live by a set schedule anyway. Last night I ended up blogging because I couldn’t sleep. Why is my sleep schedule suddenly so messed up? I went off my birth control pill, after about six months of usage. If reading about things like birth control makes you squeamish, you may discontinue reading this post.

Now, why did I ditch my pills? Well, the GAPS diet I mentioned in my previous post is all about healing my gut and making sure the good bacteria are in charge. Taking hormonal birth control like the pill screws up your gut flora. Not something an OBGYN has ever mentioned to me, but the research is there.

Check out these posts if you’re interested in learning more:

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So. I’ve put aside the pill and can expect some nasty side effects because my hormones are resetting themselves (my body thought it was pregnant, after all). Headaches, dizziness, bloating, depression, moodiness, etc. are all looming in my future, as well as trouble falling asleep, apparently. But, my gut is one step closer to being happy and healthy.

I’m not ready to get pregnant right now, so barrier methods will be my birth control of choice for awhile. Eventually I want to practice natural family planning, but I’m currently not in a position to focus on figuring that out. Some of you may find it very crass that I’m discussing this sort of thing. I personally find the matter of birth control to be too important to remain prudishly silent about. Unintended pregnancies are a serious problem. Even if the parents are happy and can care for the baby, the lack of planning will effect the baby. Planning for a pregnancy allows the mother to adjust her nutrition accordingly, which will increase the chances of optimal health for her baby throughout its life. The future of my children and the human race is important, so I will continue discussing birth control and family planning.


What do you think?

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