Clean Water, At Last!

Back in late 2010 (or early 2011, not sure), I began seeing a massage therapist who promoted natural, green living. She kept chickens in her backyard (in the city), grew her own herbs, had a compost pile, collected rainwater, walked instead of driving when possible, and didn’t wear a bra. She was extremely friendly and genuine. Looking back, I’m almost certain she was Wiccan or at the least Pagan, which is cool. Anyway. She lent me a book that helped open my eyes so that I could see the corruption and abuse around me. It discussed things like how fluoride came to be put into the public’s drinking water (it didn’t have anything to do with dental health), the effects of pesticides and insecticides on human health and our environment, and so many other things. It was all very new and overwhelming to me at the time; parts of me were skeptical, but the more I observed and experienced in life the more I knew the information was true (the book’s sources and more research on my part were a big factor, of course). The truth about what is in public water has weighed heavy on my mind ever since. The things we ingest on a daily basis, when consuming public water, are far from safe. Rather, the chemicals and such in our water are poisonous to our bodies. Small children, infants, and fetuses are especially susceptible to these toxins. Fluoride may or may not be beneficial for teeth when used topically, but it is NOT beneficial to ingest it. Even the ADA is beginning to recognize this fact. Wikipedia’s page on dietary minerals says, 

Fluorine (as Fluoride) is not generally considered an essential mineral element because humans do not require it for growth or to sustain life. However, if one considers the prevention of dental cavities an important criterion in determining essentiality, then fluoride might well be considered an essential trace element. However, recent research indicates that the primary action of fluoride occurs topically (at the surface).

My personal opinion of fluoride used topically on teeth is that it is unnecessary if you are practicing good dental care and an excellent diet. Consuming things like bone broth has been very beneficial for those with dental problem. A  traditional foods diet in general promotes excellent health in all areas. Weston A. Price found many primitive societies whose teeth were absolutely gorgeous – they didn’t need or use fluoride. What you eat (and don’t eat) makes all the difference in the world.

See these for more information:

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How to Cure Tooth Decay with Rami Nagel

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Nutrition and Physical Degeneration (online book)

Now, moving on to why I entitled this post “Clean Water, At Last!”

In preparation for beginning the GAPS diet, Honey and I realized that we would need to consume and bathe in water that is clean. Things like chlorine kill bacteria, and we will be trying to amp up our good bacteria through probiotic-rich foods and a therapeutic-grade probiotic pill. You can’t culture/ferment foods if the water will kill the bacteria that is the culture. Without pure water, all of our efforts will be in vain. Also, removing things like chlorine will help with Buddy’s eczema, keep our hair healthier and our skin softer. We have ordered filters for our bath tub, shower, and kitchen sink. I’m so excited about this! This has been a long-time goal of mine. It’s hard to enjoy a glass of water from the sink after knowing what is in it and what it does to your body. Everytime I gave Buddy a glass of water I battled feelings of guilt. Now, I will no longer have this burden because we will have clean water. Hurray!

What do you think?

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