I know exactly how she feels….

Practical Pagan Parenting

(WARNING: You’re about to discover what I think about a lot of things. This will either make you start following my blog, be glad you’ve already been following my blog, or stop following my blog. This is simply the way it always works.)


Last evening, my father-in-law told me that I need to believe the Bible “just in case” it’s true so I don’t end up in “Hell.” Also, he accused me of being “angry with the way the world is.”

Out of many, many ridiculous ideas that spewed out of his mouth, his accusation of my anger at the ways of the world is absolutely true.

Damn right I’m angry.

I’m angry that people believe things out of fear and that the things they believe perpetuate even more fear. I’m angry that people fashion their fear into little butter knife swords that they swing at people walking by. I’m angry…

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