I don’t hit and I try not to yell

Great thoughts written with great candor. I grew up being spanked, saw others be spanked, and was repeatedly told that spanking was the only way to discipline children. It’s so hard to break out of that mentality after being indoctrinated so thoroughly. I never liked spanking, never liked the concept, but I assumed it was the way to go because the Bible said it was.
As a child, being spanked or yelled at made me angry and defensive. It taught me not to do things out of fear (or find ways to do them without getting caught). I didn’t actually learn anything positive from this form of discipline.

Strange Figures

spankingMy last post may have left some people wondering where, exactly, I stand on spanking.    Since I’ve openly criticized certain parenting philosophies, I want to be honest about how I’ve disciplined my own children, and how my practices have evolved over time.  This is my story:  the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I was spanked.

Like almost all of the kids I grew up with back in the 70s, I was spanked.  It didn’t happen often because I was a compliant little girl.  I remember getting the belt from my dad once, for spilling ink on his desk.  I remember being spanked in the store parking lot after he caught me stealing gum at the grocery store.  I remember my mother slapping the back of my thigh after I’d lost my flute (again) in grade school.  That’s it:  that’s all I remember of being spanked.  I don’t believe I…

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