The Morning After Pill and Obama’s Daughters by Carol P. Christ

carol p. christ 2002 colorBy now it should be clear to feminists that when Barack Obama thinks about women, he does not view us as independent individuals, but rather as he said in his 2nd term inauguration address–to my consternation—as “our” mothers, wives, and daughters.  Obama does not address us–he addresses the men he expects to make decisions for us.  I almost wrote a blog on this egregious error in perception and judgment on the part of the President in January, but in order not to be seen as nit-picking, I held my tongue.  The recent decision of the White House to continue to restrict the availability of the Plan B , brings this question to the fore again.

Plan B is a brand name for the “morning after pill.”  If taken within 3 days of unprotected intercourse, it will prevent conception.  There is now a much cheaper generic version as well.


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