I was raised in a world of boxes, and life was supposed to fit neatly into those boxes. Reality was black and white. The school I attended for K-4 through 12th grade was run by the Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB for short) church my family attended a minimum of three times per week. Right and wrong were laid out for me by my teachers and preachers almost daily. My parents saved me in the end, because they let me think outside of the box. I asked questions, I looked for answers, and eventually I stopped allowing people to tell me what I was and wasn’t allowed to think and do. A year’s worth of un-diagnosed freak illness led me to start looking for my own answers about my health, since the doctors hadn’t been able to help me yet. That research brought me out of my boxy, hyper-modern, Western notions about diet, the environment, and general well-being. Eventually I began to question my world view as a whole, particularly my staunch religious beliefs. Formerly, I was a Bible-believing Baptist who put God’s will and words above all else. All of that was changed, however, after I did a little too much studying of the Bible (for college classes plus lots of personal reading). In the end, my beliefs were destroyed.

To sum it all up: ¬†religion/faith, doctors, the government, and all those other things or people that you are raised to blindly trust or listen to… I don’t simply trust them anymore. I do my own research, check out lots of sources, and change my mind according to what I find.

My open-mindedness has landed me in a variety of situations, and while they haven’t all been great, I value them for what they have taught me. I hope that I can continue learning for as long as I live. The issues very dear to me now are human rights, the environment, health and diet, and how the big bullies of the world infringe on all of those rights.

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  1. Nan
    Apr 22, 2013 @ 20:15:38

    “I do my own research …” Would that more people took that stance instead of simply believing everything that read or hear, whether in politics, religion, science, or otherwise.


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