I used to buy a lot of Stoneyfield Farm’s yogurt, and on every carton they used to print a code that could be used to redeem prizes. One of the prizes I used my points for was this nifty little towel made by PeopleTowels. I kept it in my purse and found it to be extremely convenient for drying my hands when I was out and about (and to clean up messes or whatever else life brought my way). So, when I had enough points, I ordered another one. I now have three and absolutely love them!

By choosing a reusable towel over disposable towels, you could save 1/4 a tree, reduce landfill waste by 23 pounds, and conserve 250 gallons of water in a year. That’s pretty impressive! The towels are small enough to fit into even the smallest purse (mine is tiny), backpack, or diaper bag with ease. When one gets dirty, just throw it into the wash and pull out another one to use in the meantime. The towels are made from 100% organic, fair trade cotton. Fair trade means the growers/laborers are paid fair wages instead of being treated like slaves (which is very common for most industries).

Since I’m such a big fan of these towels, I was excited to discover that I could become an ambassador for PeopleTowels. I enjoy sharing things with people if I believe in their cause and/or find them exceptionally useful – so I’m sharing these towels with you. As an ambassador I can help you get 10% off your order of 2 or more towels; comment and I’ll give you a special code to use. If you let me help you, you’ll be helping me log points with PeopleTowels.

“When 1 in 4 adults in the U.S. switches to PeopleTowels for a year, we will save enough trees to cover the state of Alaska; reduce landfill waste equal to filling Fenway Park four times; conserve enough water to fill 22,000 Olympic size swimming pools; and cut CO2 emissions equal to taking 815,000 cars off the road. Switching to PeopleTowels may be a small action taken alone, but has a large positive impact when practiced by millions. Small act…BIG IMPACT.”

Read more here and here.

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