Can’t Sleep, So I Blog… About Birth Control

I should really be in bed. Instead, I’m sitting here sipping the remnants of a smoothie, jamming to my strong emotions playlist (Nightwish, Evanescence, Within Temptation, etc.), and blogging. Daylight savings hasn’t really effected me, since we don’t live by a set schedule anyway. Last night I ended up blogging because I couldn’t sleep. Why is my sleep schedule suddenly so messed up? I went off my birth control pill, after about six months of usage. If reading about things like birth control makes you squeamish, you may discontinue reading this post.

Now, why did I ditch my pills? Well, the GAPS diet I mentioned in my previous post is all about healing my gut and making sure the good bacteria are in charge. Taking hormonal birth control like the pill screws up your gut flora. Not something an OBGYN has ever mentioned to me, but the research is there.

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