Update on the Smoothie Cleanse

Tonight ends day three of the smoothie cleanse. What was intended to be a fast has become a time of cleansing that includes non-smoothie foods. The hunger was pretty brutal, but we were experiencing lots of weakness, and I especially felt very off-kilter and ill without regular intake of protein. I’m one of those people who needs lots of protein, every day, otherwise I stop functioning correctly. We’ve worked cheese, nuts, raisins, pickles, and eggs back into our diet. I’ve enjoyed trying out all the different smoothies… but I’m not sure I’ll attempt to do this in the future. Or, at least not to make it a true period of fasting. I don’t think it was the wisest thing to do, for us, at this point in time. But now we know.

I think perhaps the least-anticipated side effect of this cleanse has been how our guts have handled it. We’ve had lots of nausea, bloating/gas, and constipation/diarrhea. I guess I had envisioned lots of regular bowel movements and a refreshed system… but that’s exactly the opposite of what we got. I’m not sure if we actually succeeded in doing some detoxing and should blame that for the icky side effects, or if all the raw food was a major shock to our systems. I’m currently of the opinion that the latter is true. Looking ahead to when we start GAPS, the gentle, well-cooked approach sounds much gentler than what we’ve done to our bodies the last few days.

Day One

Day one of the smoothie fast… and I’m HUNGRY! We all slept in this morning, so we had a late breakfast and a late lunch, but we’re still feeling hungry. I already cheated and had a few handfuls of raisins, but I’m so hungry again I’m kind of nauseated. Yuck. Not sure how well I’m going to be able to stick to this being a fast.

A Week of Cleansing in Preparation for Spring

Spring is almost upon us! Hurray! To mark the seasonal change, we’re doing a smoothie fast. Four days of smoothies, bookended by vegetarian meals.

Here’s the plan for the smoothie fast:

Day 1

Breakfast: Fennel Top Strawberry Orange Green Smoothie

Lunch: Pear Cilantro Detox Smoothie

Dinner: Mint, Parsley, Arugula, and Fruit Smoothie

Day 2

Breakfast: Apple, Orange, Strawberry, Arugula Smoothie

Lunch: Kiwi Avocado Smoothie Lime and Honey

Dinner: Cleansing Green Smoothie

Day 3

Breakfast: Pineapple Blueberry Parsley Green Smoothie

Lunch: Orange Berry Smoothie

Dinner: Green Smoothie

Day 4

Breakfast: Fennel Lime Strawberry Smoothie

Lunch: Lemon Ginger Zing Smoothie

Dinner: Beet and Carrot Smoothie