Almost There… Hopefully

This morning I’m scheduled to see an MD who will be evaluating me for the disability aid I applied for several months back. I’m really really nervous right now, because after months of hoping and wondering it comes down to today and this one doctor’s opinion. I’m not the greatest at explaining my disabilities to people. especially doctors… so I hope he’s good at asking questions and understanding what I’m trying to tell him. The thought of someone trying to fish out whether or not my claims are true or false, or at the least worthy of being considered a disability by the state, really makes me scared. Being rejected or told my feelings are invalid is very painful, but when it means the difference between financial aid or nothing at all… it’s big. My partner and I will be okay without it, but having that extra money would be so wonderful. For all those people who go on about people receiving financial aid being lazy slobs, wasteful, and all the other nasty things they’ve said – you don’t get it. You just don’t get it.



“How are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m really tired.”

Went to bed early last night. I woke up at least 4 times during the night, but I think I got about 9 hours of sleep. My emotions feel more rested, but my body and brain are still telling me I need more sleep. The never-ending need for more sleep is a curse well-known to those who have fibromyalgia. I’ve tried several things, but nothing has really helped me sleep better. If I take melatonin I sleep better the first few nights but then I start having vivid dreams that wake me up. I’ve tried hot baths, relaxing music, etc. but nothing seems to do it for me. Like many people with sleep issues, I’ve gotten used to functioning in a state of sleep deprivation. Well, when I say that, I mean deprivation from the deepest level of sleep. I may get in several hours of sleep, but without getting the deep, restorative sleep I need it’s like I didn’t really sleep at all. Naps can be really helpful to me, so I try to get one in every day.

Traditional Foods & Me: A Brief Look

When I learned that I had fibromyalgia, I began looking for something to fix it. I tried pain medicines, an anti-depressant, and several different diet changes. While researching diet, I stumbled on something that would change my life forever: traditional foods.

I had a friend at one point who was a big fan of vegan diets. She strongly encouraged me to pursue something along the lines of The¬†Hallelujah¬†Diet (raw vegan). I did some research on it and came to the conclusion that it just didn’t sound right. I continued researching vegan and vegetarian diets, cut out red meat almost entirely, and cut back on how much meat I was eating. I didn’t feel better, though; I actually felt weaker and more achy. So I did some more research. I stumbled upon a wealth of research that flew in the face of the vegan/vegetarian approach, and guess what? It made sense. Not only was the science there, so was the history. More

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