Clean Water, At Last!

Back in late 2010 (or early 2011, not sure), I began seeing a massage therapist who promoted natural, green living. She kept chickens in her backyard (in the city), grew her own herbs, had a compost pile, collected rainwater, walked instead of driving when possible, and didn’t wear a bra. She was extremely friendly and genuine. Looking back, I’m almost certain she was Wiccan or at the least Pagan, which is cool. Anyway. She lent me a book that helped open my eyes so that I could see the corruption and abuse around me. It discussed things like how fluoride came to be put into the public’s drinking water (it didn’t have anything to do with dental health), the effects of pesticides and insecticides on human health and our environment, and so many other things. It was all very new and overwhelming to me at the time; parts of me were skeptical, but the more I observed and experienced in life the more I knew the information was true (the book’s sources and more research on my part were a big factor, of course). The truth about what is in public water has weighed heavy on my mind ever since. The things we ingest on a daily basis, when consuming public water, are far from safe. Rather, the chemicals and such in our water are poisonous to our bodies. Small children, infants, and fetuses are especially susceptible to these toxins. Fluoride may or may not be beneficial for teeth when used topically, but it is NOT beneficial to ingest it. Even the ADA is beginning to recognize this fact. Wikipedia’s page on dietary minerals says,  More

Can’t Sleep, So I Blog… About Birth Control

I should really be in bed. Instead, I’m sitting here sipping the remnants of a smoothie, jamming to my strong emotions playlist (Nightwish, Evanescence, Within Temptation, etc.), and blogging. Daylight savings hasn’t really effected me, since we don’t live by a set schedule anyway. Last night I ended up blogging because I couldn’t sleep. Why is my sleep schedule suddenly so messed up? I went off my birth control pill, after about six months of usage. If reading about things like birth control makes you squeamish, you may discontinue reading this post.

Now, why did I ditch my pills? Well, the GAPS diet I mentioned in my previous post is all about healing my gut and making sure the good bacteria are in charge. Taking hormonal birth control like the pill screws up your gut flora. Not something an OBGYN has ever mentioned to me, but the research is there.

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GAPS: A Deviation in the Journey & How I Got Here

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have a lot of health issues. I have syndromes and allergies and asthma and… stuff. In 2011 I discovered a healing protocol known as GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome). It is a 1-2 (on average) year diet plan developed by a British doctor who used to heal her son’s autism. I don’t have autism, and neither do many other people who have benefited from following the GAPS protocol. The diet’s purpose is to provide healing and resealing of the gut through foods that will starve bad bacteria but promote the health of good bacteria. No sugar, no starchy foods, and no grains are few of the big things on the banned list. Lacto-Fermented veggies, cultured dairy, juicing, and lots of bone broth are big players on the approved list. Fermented/cultured foods are full of probiotics, which will help boost good gut bacteria. Bone broth is full of gelatin and other nutrients that will aid in healing and sealing the gut. Juicing helps the body cleanse and heal itself (and is tasty!). More