I Want to Save the World… But How?

There are a lot of things in this world that are really, really wrong. People who are killed, families torn apart, children who are starving. So many of us seem set on promoting violence and war instead of peace. How many millions have died because we couldn’t get along and show love to our neighbors?

Then there are all of the problems that have come with industrialization and modern things. The great power of science is being used for profit instead of the good of the people and the very future of humanity could be at stake (antibiotic resistant illnesses, GMO’s, global warming caused by plastics and so many other things, polluted air and water, chemicals in our food and everything around us).

It’s a lot to take in, and once you have taken it all in, you’re left wondering, “Well… what now? What can I do?” More

A Good Soak for the Soul

Candle-lit room. Patchouli incense burning. Relaxing music playing from my iPod. Steaming hot tub of water. Ah….

Taking a bath like that is too nice to put into words. After I put the two year old to bed I ran myself a bath just like I described. As I lay soaking, my thoughts drifted to realms of relaxation and happiness that were nothing short of healing. I don’t pamper myself like that very often, thanks to life being busy and baths taking a long time and all that… but tonight I was reminded of how good it is to take care of myself.

Taking care of myself is a concept I’m mulling over a lot these days. When I let myself go, I get frazzled, exhausted, sick, grumpy, etc. Basically, I am not at my best, which means I’m not at best for the people around me. Stopping to take a bath, stretch, focus on what I’m eating, or going and taking a nap requires me to give myself time rather than stay perpetually focused on others. That isn’t easy, but I’m learning. Constantly affirming to myself that I have worth, I deserve happiness, and that I am a beautiful soul has been very nourishing to me, spiritually. I think those schools of thought/religions that consider each human to be a god or goddess has the right idea.  To view each person as containing a bit of the divine within himself/herself is a beautiful way of thinking and very healthy, too, in my opinion.

Laying in my tub tonight, I felt quite goddess like; the feeling was one of utter content. Who knew taking a bath could be so spiritual?


This is an excellent article found at this site:

When God was Pro-Choice and Why He Changed His Mind

In the autumn of 1978 the Washington Association of Churches and the Washington State Catholic Conference jointly published a six page pamphlet they called, “Abortion: An Ecumenical Study Document.” Their work offers a fascinating snapshot of Christian thinking at the time and raises some equally fascinating questions about what, exactly, has happened in the last thirty-five years.

The pamphlet does not contain a position statement. Quite the opposite, in fact. From the beginning, the authors explain that such an agreement is impossible:

Clearly there is no Christian position on abortion, for here real values conflict with each other, and Christian persons who seek honestly to be open to God’s call still find themselves disagreeing profoundly.

At the time, five years had passed since the Rove v. Wade decision, and the Church, broadly, was wrestling with ethical and spiritual complexities the decision brought to the surface. The WAC, which existed “to express and strengthen the unity Christians have in Jesus Christ” had asked member denominations to create a study group because strong feelings on the question of abortion were threating that mission. In the absence of an agreement, the study group articulated a set of shared values and then assembled statements on abortion from member denominations.

Some of the contents would come as little surprise to anyone aware of today’s struggles over abortion ethics and rights. More