Update on Pain & Medication

I just realized that I never wrote a follow-up post to my last post about how I’m managing my pain. Oops! The arnica has been wonderful! I use it anytime the pain starts to be unbearable, and within a few minutes the pain eases off and I feel much better. Between the arnica and my diet, I’ve seen a big improvement in my fibromyalgia. This does not mean I function normally or even well most of the time, it just means I’m not miserable ALL the time. And that is a big improvement and I’m incredibly thankful for it! Hopefully once we start GAPS I’ll have even more improvements to report.

I Want to Save the World… But How?

There are a lot of things in this world that are really, really wrong. People who are killed, families torn apart, children who are starving. So many of us seem set on promoting violence and war instead of peace. How many millions have died because we couldn’t get along and show love to our neighbors?

Then there are all of the problems that have come with industrialization and modern things. The great power of science is being used for profit instead of the good of the people and the very future of humanity could be at stake (antibiotic resistant illnesses, GMO’s, global warming caused by plastics and so many other things, polluted air and water, chemicals in our food and everything around us).

It’s a lot to take in, and once you have taken it all in, you’re left wondering, “Well… what now? What can I do?” More

Can’t Sleep, So I Blog… About Birth Control

I should really be in bed. Instead, I’m sitting here sipping the remnants of a smoothie, jamming to my strong emotions playlist (Nightwish, Evanescence, Within Temptation, etc.), and blogging. Daylight savings hasn’t really effected me, since we don’t live by a set schedule anyway. Last night I ended up blogging because I couldn’t sleep. Why is my sleep schedule suddenly so messed up? I went off my birth control pill, after about six months of usage. If reading about things like birth control makes you squeamish, you may discontinue reading this post.

Now, why did I ditch my pills? Well, the GAPS diet I mentioned in my previous post is all about healing my gut and making sure the good bacteria are in charge. Taking hormonal birth control like the pill screws up your gut flora. Not something an OBGYN has ever mentioned to me, but the research is there.

Check out these posts if you’re interested in learning more: More

GAPS: A Deviation in the Journey & How I Got Here

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I have a lot of health issues. I have syndromes and allergies and asthma and… stuff. In 2011 I discovered a healing protocol known as GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome). It is a 1-2 (on average) year diet plan developed by a British doctor who used to heal her son’s autism. I don’t have autism, and neither do many other people who have benefited from following the GAPS protocol. The diet’s purpose is to provide healing and resealing of the gut through foods that will starve bad bacteria but promote the health of good bacteria. No sugar, no starchy foods, and no grains are few of the big things on the banned list. Lacto-Fermented veggies, cultured dairy, juicing, and lots of bone broth are big players on the approved list. Fermented/cultured foods are full of probiotics, which will help boost good gut bacteria. Bone broth is full of gelatin and other nutrients that will aid in healing and sealing the gut. Juicing helps the body cleanse and heal itself (and is tasty!). More

Understanding Toxins: A Work in Progress

The topic of toxins and detoxifying recently came up in a discussion Honey and I were having. He was saying he didn’t like the nebulous way “toxin” gets used in many alternative health writing, and wanted to know more of the science and technical stuff behind the concept. I did my best to explain what I knew, but I wasn’t much help. I’ve read lots of books and done lots of research online, as well as discussed these things with massage therapists and at least one herbalist. I’ve done a few detoxifying things myself and greatly benefited from them. I know lots of information and personally understand things, and that is sufficient for me. I would love to understand the nuts and bolts aspect of things more clearly, but it doesn’t bug me nearly as much as it bugs Honey. He’s a skeptic by nature, was in a nursing program, has worked as a CNA, and has a great understanding of the human body, etc. so he wants lots and lots of information (in addition to common sense/traditional wisdom). Anyone have any recommendations for a very scientific breakdown of toxins, how the body handles them, why they are bad/how they damage the body, and how to get rid of them? More

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