Sex Ed Horror Stories

Awful, awful stories. I will never understand why sane people have such a hard time educating the next generation about sex. In a religious context, controlling sex ed is away of controlling people – I get that. But why would normal people NOT want their kids to know that sex makes babies, so unless you want babies you should take measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies?


Industries Will Lie If It Means $$$$$$

What Diets And Deodorants Have In Common (It’s Probably Not What You Think)

Found this article to be fascinating. I wholeheartedly agree. Certainly, people can reach a point where their weight impacts their health, but I think that point is greatly exaggerated many times. Why? Because so many people are making money off people who have been convinced they are ugly and unhealthy and need to go start a new diet or buy new exercise equipment.

Check out the author’s site here.

“Can’t Hide from the Feeling Cause It’s Right”

Love this song and its message.


I can’t see, cause it’s burning deep inside.
Like gasoline, a fire running wild.
No more fear, cause I’m getting closer now.
So unreal, but I like it anyhow.

I go faster and faster and faster
and faster and faster and faster and faster.

I can’t live in a fairytale of lies.
And I can’t hide from the feeling cause it’s right.
And I go faster and faster and faster and faster for love.
And I can’t live in a fairytale of lies.

I can feel that you’ve mesmerized my heart.
I feel so free.
I’m alive, I’m breaking out.
I won’t give in, cause I’m proud of all my scars.
And I can see I’ve been wasting too much time.

A fairytale of lies.