Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed

“All of America’s well-publicized problems, including obesity, depression, pollution and corruption are what it costs to create and sustain a trillion-dollar economy. For the economy to be “healthy”, America has to remain unhealthy. Healthy, happy people don’t feel like they need much they don’t already have, and that means they don’t buy a lot of junk, don’t need to be entertained as much, and they don’t end up watching a lot of commercials.”


Skyrim: Music for Writing

I’ve been absent from my blog for awhile – I apologize. I’ve been very busy with life and not felt like blogging, so I haven’t. Instead, I’ve begun working on writing the story of my life. I’m working on it right now while listening to the lovely soundtrack from Skyrim. In the absence of new blog posts, please enjoy this wonderful music.


This is Disgusting

Article: Abortion Clinic Horror

I am pro-choice, and consider that a true tenet of being pro-life (as opposed to pro-heartbeat, anti-aid, pro-war, etc.). I’m not anti-abortion, but what is being described in this article is horrible. It’s disgusting! What human in their right mind decapitates babies? I certainly would agree that there comes a point when the performance of an abortion is inhumane and wrong, and support laws that stop legal abortions after a certain period of time in the pregnancy.

I Want to Save the World… But How?

There are a lot of things in this world that are really, really wrong. People who are killed, families torn apart, children who are starving. So many of us seem set on promoting violence and war instead of peace. How many millions have died because we couldn’t get along and show love to our neighbors?

Then there are all of the problems that have come with industrialization and modern things. The great power of science is being used for profit instead of the good of the people and the very future of humanity could be at stake (antibiotic resistant illnesses, GMO’s, global warming caused by plastics and so many other things, polluted air and water, chemicals in our food and everything around us).

It’s a lot to take in, and once you have taken it all in, you’re left wondering, “Well… what now? What can I do?” More

Music: My Means of Survival

Surviving Music has seen me through some really tough times in life. Many phases of my life are associated with specific artists, styles of music, and songs. I imagine that is normal. The past three years have been particularly hard for me, so I have a lot of memories associated with music that might be considered dark. When you are in a dark place, the last thing you want to hear is something fluffy and light (am I right?).

Here are my musical memories:
These songs helped me survive the hell that was my last semester at college: Nightwish’s album “Dark Passion Play” (instrumental version mostly) and songs “Cadence of Her Last Breath,” “Meadows of Heaven,” “End of All Hope,” and “Nemo,” and Avril Lavigne’s “Keep Holding On.”
Nightwish remained a staple for the next year or so, with the addition of Evanescence, Poets of the Fall, and Within Temptation. During that time I struggled with severe depression while waiting for a diagnosis and then again after I was told I had fibromyalgia and they couldn’t help me. Within Temptation’s “Pale” and “Stand My Ground” were very important to me. So were Evanescence’s “Imaginary” and  “Bring Me to Life.”
As I questioned and then challenged my religious ideology, Within Temptation’s music really spoke to me, particularly “The Truth Beneath The Rose.”
When my first marriage began to fall apart I found comfort in Evanescence’s latest album “Evanescence.” Songs like “Made of Stone” and “My Heart Is Broken” helped me vent my pain and confusion (I liked to sing them loudly while driving). More

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