Nutrition, Real Food, and Planning for Health

Health and food are really important to me. I tend to view health as a very, very complicated math problem, with variables like genetics, nutrients you get from food, your environment, etc. Studying up on what the body needs to work properly is a hobby of mine, but my favorite part is discovering what foods best provide those nutrients and then trying to implement them into my diet. I went through one of my favorite cookbooks recently, Nourishing Traditions, and wrote down recipes that sounded good and not too difficult or expensive. There are so many good things in that cookbook! More

Traditional Foods & Me: A Brief Look

When I learned that I had fibromyalgia, I began looking for something to fix it. I tried pain medicines, an anti-depressant, and several different diet changes. While researching diet, I stumbled on something that would change my life forever: traditional foods.

I had a friend at one point who was a big fan of vegan diets. She strongly encouraged me to pursue something along the lines of The¬†Hallelujah¬†Diet (raw vegan). I did some research on it and came to the conclusion that it just didn’t sound right. I continued researching vegan and vegetarian diets, cut out red meat almost entirely, and cut back on how much meat I was eating. I didn’t feel better, though; I actually felt weaker and more achy. So I did some more research. I stumbled upon a wealth of research that flew in the face of the vegan/vegetarian approach, and guess what? It made sense. Not only was the science there, so was the history. More