I Want to Save the World… But How?

There are a lot of things in this world that are really, really wrong. People who are killed, families torn apart, children who are starving. So many of us seem set on promoting violence and war instead of peace. How many millions have died because we couldn’t get along and show love to our neighbors?

Then there are all of the problems that have come with industrialization and modern things. The great power of science is being used for profit instead of the good of the people and the very future of humanity could be at stake (antibiotic resistant illnesses, GMO’s, global warming caused by plastics and so many other things, polluted air and water, chemicals in our food and everything around us).

It’s a lot to take in, and once you have taken it all in, you’re left wondering, “Well… what now? What can I do?” More

True or Selfish Love?

Coming from a very Christian background, I learned to place the needs and wants of others before my own… in the name of love. The concept itself is good, or at the least has good intentions, but it can also lead to an unhealthy way of living. Were all of humanity full of real love and compassion, there would be no problem and we’d all be busy taking care of each other. In reality, there are those who are content to live forever as leeches on the love of others. Take a leech and put it with a human who is willing to give and give and give love, and you will have a fat and lazy leech with an anemic human. Repeatedly I have been that human. It is a very nasty place to be, but if you’ve had it drilled into your head to put the needs of others before your own, you get stuck thinking, “He needs me! I can’t leave him or he’ll _________ (be depressed, commit suicide, be lonely, become lost, etc.). I must stop thinking about myself and just keep going in this relationship.”  Whether it be friendship or romance, such a situation is dangerous and unhealthy.

When a relationship has become unhealthy, what can you do? More

There is little that is so ugly and hateful as love that is love no more. Twice now I have seen it first hand, seen how horrible it is. I believe in the good of humanity, but unrequited love brings out the evil side of some people. What is it about love, or what people claim to be love, that drives people to such depths? Real love is selfless, yet repeatedly I have witnessed the selfishness of those who claim to be in love.