Since my diagnosis of fibromyalgia in January of 2011, I’ve tried a multitude of medicines and supplements. The prescription that finally worked was Metaxalone, the generic form of a pain reliever and muscle relaxer called Skelaxin. Without it, my body turns into a knotted ball of pain. The side effect of taking a muscle relaxer is that it can make me drowsy. It didn’t use to be as much of a problem, but now I’ve really began noticing how much the medicine slows me up once it really kicks in. It’s been my dream to go prescription free and use all natural methods to treat my fibro., but seeing an herbalist is at least $100, plus whatever treatments they prescribe, all without the help of insurance. For someone who’s living paycheck to paycheck (totally relying on my partner to support me), that’s just not in budget. Perhaps if I receive disability aid, then I’ll be able to afford an herbalist’s help.

This all came to mind because of how things worked out today. I was feeling pretty good, was busy cleaning up the kitchen, and then my medicine kicked in and I had to go sit down because I felt so out of it. I really think the side effect is getting stronger with time, and perhaps the medicine is becoming less effective at treating my pain.