A Good Soak for the Soul

Candle-lit room. Patchouli incense burning. Relaxing music playing from my iPod. Steaming hot tub of water. Ah….

Taking a bath like that is too nice to put into words. After I put the two year old to bed I ran myself a bath just like I described. As I lay soaking, my thoughts drifted to realms of relaxation and happiness that were nothing short of healing. I don’t pamper myself like that very often, thanks to life being busy and baths taking a long time and all that… but tonight I was reminded of how good it is to take care of myself.

Taking care of myself is a concept I’m mulling over a lot these days. When I let myself go, I get frazzled, exhausted, sick, grumpy, etc. Basically, I am not at my best, which means I’m not at best for the people around me. Stopping to take a bath, stretch, focus on what I’m eating, or going and taking a nap requires me to give myself time rather than stay perpetually focused on others. That isn’t easy, but I’m learning. Constantly affirming to myself that I have worth, I deserve happiness, and that I am a beautiful soul has been very nourishing to me, spiritually. I think those schools of thought/religions that consider each human to be a god or goddess has the right idea. ┬áTo view each person as containing a bit of the divine within himself/herself is a beautiful way of thinking and very healthy, too, in my opinion.

Laying in my tub tonight, I felt quite goddess like; the feeling was one of utter content. Who knew taking a bath could be so spiritual?