Industries Will Lie If It Means $$$$$$

What Diets And Deodorants Have In Common (It’s Probably Not What You Think)

Found this article to be fascinating. I wholeheartedly agree. Certainly, people can reach a point where their weight impacts their health, but I think that point is greatly exaggerated many times. Why? Because so many people are making money off people who have been convinced they are ugly and unhealthy and need to go start a new diet or buy new exercise equipment.

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Weight Gain… Big Deal?

This is really sad. Kind of weird how I came across it, but here it is:

“Milla Jovovich Weight Gain”

Milla Jovovich has always been super thin. Practically anorexic looking, actually. To see this picture of her with the caption of “Weight Gain” just makes me sick. The scrutiny that female celebrities undergo is terrible. The rest of us women are still caught up in it, stuck with the mindset of “thin is better.” If you didn’t already read it, please read what Ashley Judd said about the scrutiny she was put through and how awful it is for women everywhere.

Everyone is beautiful. Why must we all get hung up on our own weight and the weight of others? There are extreme weights (extremely overweight and extremely underweight) that can be dangerous to people’s health, but for those who are more in the middle, it’s not a life-altering thing… or shouldn’t be. Society’s fixation on fat and thin is both awful and unhealthy. If we must focus on something, it should be the personal health of each individual. Each body’s needs are different. Some people will be thinner than others and some people will be larger than others, just like those who are short or tall. Forcing one shape or another onto the whole of society is wrong. More