PeopleTowels – Awesomeness You Should Try!

I used to buy a lot of Stoneyfield Farm’s yogurt, and on every carton they used to print a code that could be used to redeem prizes. One of the prizes I used my points for was this nifty little towel made by PeopleTowels. I kept it in my purse and found it to be extremely convenient for drying my hands when I was out and about (and to clean up messes or whatever else life brought my way). So, when I had enough points, I ordered another one. I now have three and absolutely love them!

By choosing a reusable towel over disposable towels, you could save More


Saw a normal doctor last week. First time since last October (yay!). The appointment didn’t go very well; I left feeling like I needed to cry. The last few times I’ve seen this doctor things went smoothly and I liked her, but not this time. She made me feel like an idiot and didn’t take the time to hear what I was saying. I guess she thought she should just speak her mind instead. Anyway. That’s another doctor whom I no longer have confidence in – the list keeps growing. I generally have a distrust for conventional doctors these days, unless I need to go to the ER for something (and even then… haha). I’m tired of getting screwed over by them, tired of reading about lots of other people getting screwed by them, and I want out of the sick-care system.¬†

I wish insurance would cover more alternative medical treatments. I dearly want to find a good homeopathic or herbalist, but I’m not sure I could pay for their services right now. I see holistic medicine as the ideal form – why is that so against the grain? Doesn’t it make more sense to look at the whole body when deciding on treatment? Shouldn’t doctors have nutritional training as well? Since so many problems can be addressed by what you eat, that should be a no-brainer.


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I had thought of something very important to write about… and then I sat down and it escaped me. Guess I’ll come back later, when I remember.


Weight Gain… Big Deal?

This is really sad. Kind of weird how I came across it, but here it is:

“Milla Jovovich Weight Gain”

Milla Jovovich has always been super thin. Practically¬†anorexic looking, actually. To see this picture of her with the caption of “Weight Gain” just makes me sick. The scrutiny that female celebrities undergo is terrible. The rest of us women are still caught up in it, stuck with the mindset of “thin is better.” If you didn’t already read it, please read what Ashley Judd said about the scrutiny she was put through and how awful it is for women everywhere.

Everyone is beautiful. Why must we all get hung up on our own weight and the weight of others? There are extreme weights (extremely overweight and extremely underweight) that can be dangerous to people’s health, but for those who are more in the middle, it’s not a life-altering thing… or shouldn’t be. Society’s fixation on fat and thin is both awful and unhealthy. If we must focus on something, it should be the personal health of each individual. Each body’s needs are different. Some people will be thinner than others and some people will be larger than others, just like those who are short or tall. Forcing one shape or another onto the whole of society is wrong. More


There is something sacred about waking up in the morning beside the person you love. 


This is an excellent article found at this site:

When God was Pro-Choice and Why He Changed His Mind

Posted on November 17, 2012

In the autumn of 1978 the Washington Association of Churches and the Washington State Catholic Conference jointly published a¬†six page pamphlet¬†they called, ‚ÄúAbortion: An Ecumenical Study Document.‚ÄĚ Their work offers a fascinating snapshot of Christian thinking at the time and raises some equally fascinating questions about what, exactly, has happened in the last thirty-five years.

The pamphlet does not contain a position statement. Quite the opposite, in fact. From the beginning, the authors explain that such an agreement is impossible:

Clearly there is no Christian position on abortion, for here real values conflict with each other, and Christian persons who seek honestly to be open to God’s call still find themselves disagreeing profoundly.

At the time, five years had passed since the Rove v. Wade decision, and the Church, broadly, was wrestling with ethical and spiritual complexities the decision brought to the surface. The WAC, which existed ‚Äúto express and strengthen the unity Christians have in Jesus Christ‚ÄĚ had asked member denominations to create a study group because strong feelings on the question of abortion were threating that mission. In the absence of an agreement, the study group articulated a set of shared values and then assembled statements on abortion from member denominations.

Some of the contents would come as little surprise to anyone aware of today’s struggles over abortion ethics and rights. More


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