Article: NRA Lobbying Expenses Topped $3 million in 2012

Article: NRA Lobbying Expenses Topped $3 million in 2012 found on

Chronic Pain Harms the Brain

Chronic Pain Harms the Brain.

via Chronic Pain Harms the Brain.

Article: Religion Might Not Survive the Internet

Excellent! Perfect follow-up to what I just wrote about IFB teachings.


IFB Teachings: Nonsense

I try to keep this blog civil, but this is stuff that needs to be said. This is stuff I was raised to believe as an Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB). My parents may or may not have taught me these things, but they were most certainly taught or inferred by church, school, college, and fellow IFB.

  • Better use the right version of the Bible, KJV to be specific. ¬†Avoid all music that makes you want to move, so just go for old hymns and you’ll be safe.
  • Spank your children, don’t trust them, because they are born with a horrible sin nature and are really little monsters bound for Hell.
  • Send them to a strict Christian school or home school them yourself, because it wouldn’t do for them to pick up worldly notions or learn from a curriculum that wasn’t Christ-centered. Once they’re college age, be sure they attend a college that is KJV only, against contemporary music, and has all it’s p’s and q’s straight, biblically speaking. Ideally this college will implement strict curfews, dating rules, and remain in support of parental authority despite the age and status of the student. More

Article: Why “Zero Dark Thirty” Made Me Cry

Why “Zero Dark Thirty” Made Me Cry.

Haven’t seen the film myself, but I can understand and agree with what the author says. The bit about both sides thinking they are doing the right thing really hits home. I’ve often thought about that. Reality isn’t full of bad guys wearing black and good guys wearing white. Kill or be killed is a horrible way to live, but humanity has chosen that for thousands of years. That is certainly worth weeping over.

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