What Christian Fundamentalism Means to Us

Excellent. Fundamentalism isn’t necessary, as she said, and it isn’t healthy. I have come to a position somewhat close to Unitarian Universalist myself.

Article: Why “Zero Dark Thirty” Made Me Cry

Why “Zero Dark Thirty” Made Me Cry.

Haven’t seen the film myself, but I can understand and agree with what the author says. The bit about both sides thinking they are doing the right thing really hits home. I’ve often thought about that. Reality isn’t full of bad guys wearing black and good guys wearing white. Kill or be killed is a horrible way to live, but humanity has chosen that for thousands of years. That is certainly worth weeping over.

Merry Christmas!

The holiday season is in full swing now. I love Christmas time – singing the songs, decorating everything, making special foods, time spent with family and friends. This will be my 2nd Christmas as a non-Christian. I still find Christmas to be a wondrous time, and yes, I still call it Christmas. The Nativity Story is still very beautiful to me. It’s also not unique to Christianity (son of a god is born, will save the world by sacrificing himself); it’s a very common theme running through a lot of other mythologies. It’s a story that’s been told for thousands of years, all over the world, and it’s still captivating people today. The Christian additions of singing angels, a stable filled with animals and hay, and wise men journeying from afar all make the story even more special to people, I think. It’s a cozy, heart warming story that makes people smile and open their hearts with love and joy.

I view Christianity’s stories as mythology, the same as the rest of the world’s mythologies. They are all works of humanity that we can learn from. So I will teach my children about Jesus and why Christmas has the name it does, right along with the other great stories of the world.

May you have a merry Christmas and happy holidays, friend!

A Good Soak for the Soul

Candle-lit room. Patchouli incense burning. Relaxing music playing from my iPod. Steaming hot tub of water. Ah….

Taking a bath like that is too nice to put into words. After I put the two year old to bed I ran myself a bath just like I described. As I lay soaking, my thoughts drifted to realms of relaxation and happiness that were nothing short of healing. I don’t pamper myself like that very often, thanks to life being busy and baths taking a long time and all that… but tonight I was reminded of how good it is to take care of myself.

Taking care of myself is a concept I’m mulling over a lot these days. When I let myself go, I get frazzled, exhausted, sick, grumpy, etc. Basically, I am not at my best, which means I’m not at best for the people around me. Stopping to take a bath, stretch, focus on what I’m eating, or going and taking a nap requires me to give myself time rather than stay perpetually focused on others. That isn’t easy, but I’m learning. Constantly affirming to myself that I have worth, I deserve happiness, and that I am a beautiful soul has been very nourishing to me, spiritually. I think those schools of thought/religions that consider each human to be a god or goddess has the right idea. ┬áTo view each person as containing a bit of the divine within himself/herself is a beautiful way of thinking and very healthy, too, in my opinion.

Laying in my tub tonight, I felt quite goddess like; the feeling was one of utter content. Who knew taking a bath could be so spiritual?